The Winding Path: Counselling Services provided by Barb Zacharias

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Life can be difficult. Sometimes overwhelming. Leaving us feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, confused, even trampled. Sometimes we feel stuck in a rut or ready to call it quits—whether that be a relationship or life itself. Sometimes what used to help us make sense of the world—like faith, religion, family, friends, work, or play—no longer offers the comfort or support we desperately need. We may feel lost and alone, disoriented.

If life’s journey is leading you through seemingly impassable terrain, having someone along to help navigate may be on the next path. You may be approaching a turn in the road, a crossroads.

Barb Zacharias provides counselling services in Didsbury, Alberta, that promotes wholeness and wellness for the individual, couples, and families with an approach that  encompasses the multi-facets of being human: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational concerns. Counselling services include individual and couples sessions. I am not trained or set up for seeing families, but coaching and consulting is available through individual or couples’ sessions.

Contact information:
Barb Zacharias
1601 – 15 Avenue
Box 2204
Didsbury, AB  T0M 0W0
(403) 556-9121